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Thank you for contacting the Maquoketa Valley Community School District. Communication is a key element in helping to ensure the success of your student, and sharing information between home and school is an essential part of that partnership. Please feel free to contact us in any way listed below that is most convenient for you.

District Office & High School
107 South Street
Delhi, IA 52223

(563) 922-2091
(563) 922-3026 (fax)

Delhi Elementary & Middle School
112 Third Street
Delhi, IA 52223

(563) 922-9411
(563) 922-9502 (fax)

Earlville Elementary
226 Prospect
Earlville, IA 52041

(563) 923-3225
(563) 923-3305 (fax)

Johnston Elementary
131 Culver Road NW
Hopkinton, IA 52237

(563) 926-2701
(563) 926-2093 (fax)

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