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Welcome to Maquoketa Valley Community School District

Welcome to Maquoketa Valley Community School District! Maquoketa Valley serves the communities and surrounding areas of Delhi, Earlville, and Hopkinton with an enrollment of 675+ students.

MV Vision

"The Maquoketa Valley Community School District ensures high levels of learning to empower all students for lifelong success."

Our vision is based upon:

  • Learning that is engaging, challenging, and focused.
  • Frequent feedback and purposeful assessment.
  • Timely response to all students' needs.
  • Shared responsibility for learning in a safe, respectful environment.
  • Promotion of strong character and productive citizenship.

Goals & Beliefs


Maquoketa Valley will promote lifelong learning by providing a variety of teaching styles and using multiple forms of assessment in order to increase student achievement.


Learning: We believe that all students can learn, i.e.: learners are responsible for their own learning; learning is a lifelong process, and learning develops through a variety of styles in order to address a variety of needs.

Achievement: We believe student achievement must be measured by multiple forms of assessments (e.g. standardized testing, observation, demonstration, rubrics, portfolios, and self-assessment).


Education at Maquoketa Valley will be based on open communication, shared responsibility, and decision-making between parents, staff, students, and the community where all will be positive role models holding high expectations for all students.


Climate: Education is a partnership between parents, staff, students, and community in which everyone involved needs to model appropriate behaviors for students so they will be productive learners and able to adjust to an ever-changing social and cultural society.

Instruction: We believe that by utilizing a variety of teaching styles, the teacher will hold high expectations for all students in order to motivate each student to do their best. Moreover, the teacher will treat each student with dignity and respect, teach to the needs of each student enabling them to attain a high level of mastery.

Human Resources: We believe that Maquoketa Valley staff should be positive models who are respectful, supportive, willing to work together, and willing to listen to new ideas for the benefit of all students.

School Structure: We believe school structure should include open communication and shared decision-making.


Maquoketa Valley will ensure open communication through community, family, and agency involvement to facilitate each child's well-being while reaching her/his physical, emotional, and academic potential.


Community Involvement: We believe Maquoketa Valley cultivates a high degree of community involvement through communication and participation in all school activities.

Family Involvement: We believe family involvement is a critical component in ensuring that each child reaches his/her physical, social, emotional, and academic potential.

Agencies: We believe a myriad of student support services is necessary for the physical, social, emotional, and academic well-being of our students.


Maquoketa Valley schools will focus on meeting the various needs of the students while spending responsibly on facilities, transportation, and food services in a safe, well-maintained educational environment.


Facilities: We believe our facilities should be safe, well maintained, accessible to all people, and spacious enough to accommodate the needs of our district.

Transportation: We believe that students will be transported in well-maintained buses, driven by conscientious drivers who maintain discipline while providing for student safety.

Food Services: We believe Maquoketa Valley food service should serve a variety of nutritious, appetizing meals of sufficient quantity and be available to all students in a caring environment.

Finances: We believe that our school should spend responsibly while focusing on the student by maintaining and updating facilities and equipment while encouraging volunteers and seeking funding options and providing an atmosphere that attracts and keeps quality staff.

Kim Huckstadt


Phone: (563) 922-2091

Email: kimhuckstadt@maquoketa-v.k12.ia.us

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