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Help pass the RPS and cast your VOTE ON NOVEMBER 2, 2021

The Maquoketa Valley School Board approved a Revenue Purpose Statement (RPS) in 2016 for the Secure an Advanced Vision for Education (SAVE) fund.  In the past, the SAVE fund has been referred to as our Local Option Sales Tax fund.

New Iowa Legislation in 2019 stated that all RPS voted on before July 1, 2019, would expire on January 1, 2031.  In order for our district to continue to plan for and use SAVE funds for infrastructure needs, a new RPS must be approved by voters.  The only time to approve a Revenue Purpose Statement is in a school board election or a special election.  Therefore, the school board has decided to put a new Revenue Purpose Statement question on the ballot in the November 2, 2021 election.  By law, a new RPS will stay in effect through 12/31/2050.

Read the complete MV Revenue Purpose Statement.

If you have a question about the Revenue Purpose Statement or vote on November 2, 2021, please contact the Maquoketa Valley Administration Office at (563) 922-2901 or email Superintendent Dave Hoeger.

Frequently Asked Questions

SAVE stands for Secure an Advanced Vision for Education.  This is often referred to as the penny tax or 1 cent sales tax fund.  School districts utilize SAVE funds to specifically support infrastructure, transportation, and technology needs.  If voters approve the RPS in November, Maquoketa Valley will continue to be able to spend SAVE funds as Iowa law allows for the duration of the fund.  You can visit this site to learn more about SAVE.

A Revenue Purpose Statement (RPS) is a ballot measure that describes how school districts can spend SAVE funds that the State of Iowa has dedicated to public schools.

Maquoketa Valley’s current Revenue Purpose Statement will expire in 2031.  The district will seek voter approval of the new RPS that would extend the duration of the SAVE which is allowed by Iowa law through 12/31/2050.

No, this will not raise taxes.  Approving the Revenue Purpose Statement will allow the district to access future SAVE funds, but it will not change the sales tax rate.  The one-cent sales tax that funds SAVE will be collected across the state regardless of whether or not this measure is approved.  The vote is in regards to how the district utilizes these funds.

  • Infrastructure repairs such as roof repairs, carpet, paint, security entrances, boiler repairs.
  • School busses, vans, and a skid loader.
  • Regular upgrades to technology for students and staff.
  • $4 million was borrowed against future SAVE dollars to fund the high school remodel project in 2017. Therefore, no general obligation bond was needed thus saving property taxes for residents. This revenue bond will be paid for in 2029.

The Revenue Purpose Statement specifies the use of funds Maquoketa Valley will receive from the State of Iowa SAVE fund and is intended to be used in the following manner:

  • To provide funds for technology infrastructure.
  • To provide funds for school safety and security infrastructure.
  • To provide funds to build, remodel, reconstruct, repair, expand, and improve grounds; for demolition work; to furnish and equip district facilities.
  • To provide funds to purchase, lease, or lease-purchase buildings, equipment, or technology and to repair transportation equipment.
  • To provide funds to implement energy conservation measures.
  • To provide funds to purchase land as part of start-up costs for new student construction program.
  • To provide funds for emergency demolition, cleanup, and repairs due to natural disasters.
  • To provide funds to establish and maintain public recreation areas and playgrounds.
  • To provide funds for the payment of principal and interest or retirement of general obligation bonds issued for school infrastructure purposes and tax revenue bonds.
  • To provide for property tax relief.
  • To provide funds for other authorized purposes permitted by law.

Read the complete Maquoketa Valley RPS.

The election is set for November 2, 2021.  A simple majority (50% +1) is needed for the RPS to pass. 

If the new RPS is not approved, the district will need to spend SAVE funds in a manner previously allowed under the original RPS. 

If you have a question about the Revenue Purpose Statement or vote on November 2, 2021, please contact the Maquoketa Valley Administration Office at (563) 922-2901 or email Superintendent Dave Hoeger.

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