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Players, Coaches and Fans,
You hear our announcer say it before every home event, “as a guest of the Maquoketa Valley Community School District good sportsmanship is expected from all who attend the game. Please show respect to the players, coaches, officials, and other fans by exhibiting good sportsmanship and appropriate behaviors while cheering. Poor sportsmanship or inappropriate behaviors will result in removal from the event or exclusion from all activities at the Maquoketa Valley Community School District. Enjoy the game and take pride in displaying good sportsmanship!
This message that is read before every home event is a reminder to you of what is expected of you while in attendance of a Maquoketa Valley event. Your actions are a direct reflection of our school, whether they be good or bad. We should take pride in having a good reputation during events. Even though our event season is a quarter done, there are plenty of opportunities left to show your Wildcat Pride by displaying proper sportsmanship. Please keep this in mind as we go forward with our activities seasons.
We firmly believe that we have great kids here at Maquoketa Valley, supported by caring and concerned parents and other people in the community. We believe that the sportsmanship that is displayed by the majority of our fans, players and coaches is something that we should take pride in. There are some certain instances that may arise where we will not tolerate here at Maquoketa Valley. If you talk to officials, they will tell you that they are not perfect when making calls. A very small few of people in attendance seem to want to ride the officials about every single call that they make. Some people even go as far as using foul or abusive language towards officials. Please keep in mind that you are setting an example for the younger generation of Maquoketa Valley athletes and fans. Fans, coaches and players should serve as role models showing young people how to act appropriately.
If we can focus on the fact that each official is human, and that their call that they made probably won’t get changed regardless of what a fan, coach or player says, then we can give more attention to the more important matter at hand, and that is the great experiences that people are getting and life lessons that they are learning as they get a chance to participate in activities at Maquoketa Valley. Thank you for your consideration on this topic, and always GO CATS!!!!!
Mr. Conner and Mr. Kudrna