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Have you heard about the Wildcat Way? Has your child tried to teach you about being respectful, responsible, and safe? The Wildcat Way is a proactive behavior system implemented with three main components: respect, responsibility, and safety. Students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade have been learning about The Wildcat Way and demonstrating the school wide expectations since the beginning of the year. During the first few days of school, students were taught the expectations for twelve different areas of the school including the hallway, lunchroom, playground, and restroom just to name a few.

Each area has a poster that clearly lists the expectations, and students were given the opportunity to learn and practice these behaviors. For example, students need to keep their hands and feet to themselves at the water fountain while making sure to wait patiently and then return to their classroom quickly.

Other expectations are to use kind and appropriate language while on the bus while keeping track of personal belongings and staying seated. Students are recognized for following the Wildcat Way expectations and given additional time to practice correct behaviors when the need arises. The Wildcat Way allows us to create a positive learning environment for all students and staff.

A team of teachers and administrators has worked together to organize The Wildcat Way system. This included determining the expectations, preparing lesson plans for teaching the expectations, creating necessary forms, and conducting follow up surveys to determine the effectiveness of the Wildcat Way.

Feedback from students and staff regarding this new system are positive. Teachers like having a common language to speak with students about school expectations and behavior. Students like being recognized for their appropriate behavior and knowing exactly what is expected from them. The Wildcat Way has been an effective system and will continue to be improved. If you have any questions regarding The Wildcat Way, please contact your child’s school.