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PPEL Referendum Vote September 13, 2022

The goal of this PPEL Referendum is to provide Maquoketa Valley with the financial resources necessary to properly maintain our district facilities. For more in-depth information, please see the below videos an drop-downs on each topic.


Add security cameras to the entrances of all 3 attendance centers.

Add a key fob system so we will no longer have to hand out keys, and this will allow us to track who is in our buildings when school is not in session.

Add camera monitoring systems in the main offices.

Applied to all attendance centers.

Ensure we do not have water entering the building behind the bricks causing structural damage.

Ensure the windows and doors are properly sealed against the brick.

In classrooms and hallways in all attendance centers.

This will save the district thousands of dollars each year in energy costs.

Provide better lighting for students and teachers in classrooms.

Replace the bleachers on the football field.

The current bleachers are deteriorating and need to be replaced with ADA-compliant bleachers.

Replace playground equipment in Earlville.

Install age-appropriate equipment with approved matting under the equipment.

Add storage building in Hopkinton.

Limited available storage for teacher’s classroom materials used to instruct and decorate throughout the school year.

We will need to replace the boilers used in the Earlville and Johnston Elementary buildings.

Maintain all roofs throughout the district to prolong the life expectancy.

Levies in Iowa School Districts

Amount of Levy# of Districts% of Districts
$0.01 - $0.44247%
$0.45 - $0.889629%
$0.89 - $1.3415246%

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