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MVCSD News MV ISASP Information – Great News!

The Iowa Department of Education recently released updates to our new online school accountability reporting system called the Iowa School Performance Profiles.  As a parent, you can locate this information at iaschoolperformance.gov.  This website shows how a school is performing on multiple measures, which is called their “profile.” This profile meets federal and state requirements for publishing a “report card” to reflect our school performance.

The Iowa School Performance Profile includes scores and ratings on a set of accountability measures.  Those current measures include:

  • Student Participation on State Assessments
  • Academic Achievement that measures proficiency and average student scale score
  • Student Growth
  • Graduation Rates
  • Progress in obtaining proficiency with English Language Learner proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • Student surveys regarding school safety, engagement and the environment
  • Postsecondary readiness which includes student participation and scores on college entrance exams, completion of an academic plan, participation in postsecondary or advanced coursework, and percentage of students in Career Technical Education classes.

Each one of these accountability measures has a specific percentage weighting. Our students’ performance on these measures are combined to determine each school’s overall score. Based on our score, schools will fall into one of the following categories:

  • Exceptional: 66.31 and above
  • High Performing: 60.61 – 66.30
  •  Commendable: 54.91 – 60.60
  • Acceptable: 49.21 – 54.90
  • Needs Improvement: 43.96 – 49.20
  • Priority/Comprehensive: 43.95 and below