Maq Valley News

Marching Band Takes the Field by Maddie Lahr

November 26, 2018

Maddie Lahr Comp 1 Observation 2 10/23/18 Marching Band Takes the Field There is a new sight to see this year at the Maquoketa Valley home football games. The Maquoketa Valley marching band has finally made its return, with a half time show that the crowds at MV haven’t seen in years. In the recent…

A Week of Awareness by Kelly Winter

November 19, 2018

Kelly Winter Composition 1 Observation Writing 2 10/18/18 A Week of Awareness During the month of October, people around the country take a week out of the month to focus on alcohol, drug, tobacco, and violence prevention and awareness. This year Red Ribbon Week falls on the week of the 22nd through the 26th, and…

The Power Within by Sam Wall

November 19, 2018

Sam Wall Comp I Observation II October 17, 2018 The Power Within Some events in your life are unexpected. These unplanned incidents can be for the better and unfortunately, for the worse. Life will knock you down at some point, but it’s your decision to get back up. Pushing you to your limits, life will…

Try Something New by Brooklyn Sands

November 19, 2018

Brooklyn Sands Comp. 1 Observation #2 10/19/18 Trying Something New Everyone will face challenges in their life, big and small. It is whether or not we want to take on those challenges and try new things or back down when things get tough. Kathy Jurgens, a retired sixth grade educator at Maquoketa Valley, decided to…

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes by Madalynne Naab

November 19, 2018

Madalynne Naab Comp 1 Observation 2 October 24, 2018 Walk a Mile in Her Shoes MV’s Got Talent: the perfect place for both nervous freshmen and confident seniors to step outside of their comfort zones. Underneath all those bright lights and fake smiles, there’s a lot of practice and preparation from the choir and from…

Starting Somewhere, by Faith A. Hunt

November 19, 2018

Faith A. Hunt Composition I Observational II 10/8/18 Starting Somewhere Maquoketa Valley High School is known for its success in speech. The program has received multiple conference champion titles along with many of their speech groups receiving best of centers. A best of center is given to the most talented group of each category throughout…

Real Care Robot Babies, by Megan Rausch

November 19, 2018

Megan Rausch Comp I Observation II 8/12/18 Real Care Robot Babies Taking care of a robot baby is not something people do everyday. This is a type of experience people can get if they take the Child Development class offered at our high school. Throughout the class, we learn about what it takes to be a caregiver…

A Helping Hand, by Lane Coyle

November 19, 2018

Lane Coyle Comp. 1 Observation 2 10/18/18 A Helping Hand As I round the corner to enter Mrs. Bonert’s third grade classroom full of students eager to learn. I get excited at the fact that I will get to work with so many different students. Some of these students have imaginations that are out of…