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Student punch passes are available for purchase in the High School office for $30.00. Students get one card with (10) punches to be used at any High School or Middle School activity. It can be shared amongst siblings if you choose to do so. Any checks made out to purchase a punch pass should be made out to MV Activities.

All medication must be in the prescription container that has been filled by a pharmacist. It maybe necessary to obtain an extra container from the pharmacist, since only the amount needed is to be sent to school. The parent or guardian must sign a permission form to have the prescribed medication dispensed to their child according to the specific written directions of the prescribing health provider. All medication will be dispensed by the nurse or authorized office personnel who have met the qualifications by taking the medication administration course as stated in chapter 204 of the Code of Iowa.

All medication will be maintained in a secure location and appropriately identified for each child.

All medication permission slips will be filed in the student's health file in the nurse's office.

Any medication that has not been taken or picked up at the end of the year will be destroyed.

It is strongly encouraged that parents bring their children's medicine to school and not have the children carry it.

For complete 2022-2023 registration information, please see our Registration page.

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